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9 Day Closing

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Sell my house fast for cash.

House Traders has purchased over 1000 houses since 1993, making us the industry leader in cash home buying. It’s our experience, personal service and our firm offers that you can trust that sets House Traders apart from all other options.

Our firm offer will not change before closing.

We stand by our firm offers because we visit your property in person before ever making an offer. We buy houses “as is.” Therefore, we never lower our offer due to the condition or appearance. And when you sell your house fast for cash, we never ask you to make concessions for repairs or clean up. With our fair and firm cash offer, you can be confident that the price you accept won’t change as your closing date approaches.

We are with you each step of the sales process.

We pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency and personal service. Your local property specialist will handle your unique situation personally and professionally and has the experience and know-how to close on your house as promised.

We see your property in person before making an offer.

Some cash home buyers will make an offer without seeing your house first. Don’t be surprised when they later lower it or it comes with hidden fees. We on the other hand, always take the time upfront to do an in-person consultation of your house. You wouldn’t buy a house sight unseen, neither would we.

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