Delinquent Property Taxes

Found yourself behind on property taxes or already facing a tax deed aution?

House Traders can help pay those delinquent taxes!

Typically, property taxes are paid out of escrow as a function of your mortgage, but sometimes they can be overlooked, especially if you are facing foreclosure or if your house is free-and-clear. This is what’s called a tax delinquency. You may think they are easy to catch up and you’ll get around to it, but many homeowners overlook the yearly taxes or simply cannot pay them due to financial restraints.

The county in which the property is located will sell your taxes to investors in the form of a tax certificate. For every year you are unable to pay the taxes, you are essentially selling them to an investor, so that they control the tax impact for your house.

The county is happy because the taxes are paid, but the certificate holder has the ability to call those taxes due at any time. Therefore, when this process is started, a tax deed auction is triggered. You, as the homeowner have the option to pay those taxes or risk having your house auctioned to the highest bidder.

House Traders has the ability to step in before the auction date and pay those taxes – think of it as a reset button for your taxes.

Both the auction and the fear of losing your house disappears almost instantly. In order to achieve this, we will factor the total delinquent tax balance into our cash offer, and then pay those taxes on your behalf during the transaction of your house. We tell people that it is better to sell your house for cash and get some money in hand, rather than wait and do nothing, resulting in the loss of your home.

If you are struggling to keep your taxes paid or are already facing that looming auction, please contact us to see how we can help.

The county will surely get paid, and don’t let the equity in your house be the one to float that bill.

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