Frequently Asked Questions

A: It is easy! We will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism while we work to get you paid. Your privacy is paramount; we want to offer a solution on your terms. You are a partner in this deal, we work together.

A: Every-and-anything that is a house. Any condition, any location, any price, we will buy. We like houses “As-Is”.

A: Does your house need renovations or maintenance, are you in foreclosure, over-leveraged, have liens on the property, or condemned? We can offer a solution!

A: House Traders is a real estate investment and brokerage solutions company. We excel in buying houses, and will never charge you to BUY your home. You will never pay a commission, you only get CASH!

A: Nothing! This is a solution, not a liability. You call us, we make an offer, you get paid; it’s that simple!

A: No, there are no obligations. All we do is review the info and give a fair market value based on what we see. If you choose to keep your house, that’s fine, we understand.

A: Your information is kept 100% confidential. We will never solicit your listing or personal information, everything stays in house. We live and work in the area, and we protect our neighbors.

A: Of course, do you know of someone who wants to sell or is there a vacant house nearby? We offer a referral fee up to $1,000. Contact us directly to discuss the terms.

A: Yes! We offer solutions for everyone in any situation. We are the company that cares about helping. Let us work with you.

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