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The History of North Fort Myers

North Fort Myers was made famous by a Spanish Naval officer, turned Pirate in the late 1700’s. Jose Gaspar, aka Gasparilla, was ordered to be arrested by King Charles III for the accusation of stealing the Crown Jewels. Before his arrest, Gasparilla commandeered a ship named Floridablanca and sailed to Florida’s Gulf coast, making landfall in Charlotte Harbor, which is known today as North Fort Myers. Angered at the false accusations, Gasparilla made it a vow to plunder any ship that flew the Spanish flag. For over 40 years, Gasparilla held the Gulf coast captive, raining over waters from Fort Myers to Cuba. In the 1820s, Gasparilla was tired and ready to retire, however he saw a British merchant ship pass through his waters. Gasparilla couldn’t resist and gathered his crew, and just as they approached the British ship, they realized it was a trap set by the Americans. The warship- USS Enterprise was the ship in disguise, and made quick work of the Floridablanca, sinking the ship and taking down Gasparilla for good. The remaining crew of Gasparilla, saw the exchange and promptly ran away, taking all of the stole treasures they accumulated. The men buried ten treasure chests around North Fort Myers, where they remain undiscovered to this day.

North Fort Myers was originally a collection of small settlements which pioneers were attracted to because of their proximity to the pristine and heavily wooded wilderness north of the Caloosahatchee. Some of the names North Fort Myers has had include; Samville, New Prospect, Bayshore, Cabana City, and even Woodrow (for Woodrow B. Wilson). Only 50 people lived in North Fort Myers in the early 1900s, but the area was a central location for milling activities coming from old-world strands of pine trees brought in from eastern Lee County.

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